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From the Founder

My life passion is teaching and learning languages which is why I am working on my PhD in “Efficient methods of Teaching and Learning Languages”. My oldest student turned 100 years old in April 2017 and still speaks well and sings in French. My youngest student is 4 years old. I speak 9 languages with a strong background and a great passion for teaching, translating, interpreting, and higher education. For years, I’ve used my pedagogic and communication skills to teach Americans 1 on 1, and in small groups. I teach beginners to high advanced speakers. Teaching has allowed me to gain awareness of many issues Americans face when learning a foreign language. With my interpersonal skills, I’ve develop friendly relationships with my students and enjoy the progress they make.

One of my former students is an Indian nurse who had never learned French before I met her. She wanted to immigrate to Quebec. Within 1 month I taught her some conversation tips. She flew to New York where she had 1 hour interview all in French and passed her test. In addition to my work experiences, I take every opportunity possible to prepare myself improving continually teaching and speaking new languages. My experience in higher education and research, have increased my efficiency in teaching French. My professional, academic, and extracurricular experiences expose me to different types of students from many levels, background, and ages. I am passionately committed to provide high quality education while optimizing time for students through efficient teaching. My passion is helping students learn a foreign language.


  1. Learn affordably, easily, fast, and have fun.

  2. Learn to meet your goals, with your learning style, within your schedule.

  3. Only Native Speakers teachers.

  4. All our teachers know at least 3 languages so are language learners and teachers.

Thousands of Americans learn a second language easily, quickly, and affordably while having fun. They speak with confidence, learn only what they need, and unlock a second language.

JILA was established in 2017. The school was founded by Jacques, a native French teacher, who knows 9 languages and has years of experience teaching, translating, interpreting, and learning languages. He opened JILA to share his learning experiences, methods, tips, tricks, enthusiasm, and passion with students like you so you will learn easily, quickly, and affordably while having fun. 


Take it from our students

“It had been many, many years since I had taken French. However, even in college I was never actually able to converse in French. By the third lesson, the Chicago French School gave me the skills and confidence to comfortably hold a conversation completely in French. Now I look forward to every class. Vive la Chicago French School!“

—Paula Fuller Tobin, Lawyer


Our goal is to meet our students’ language needs and goals (your goals are our goals): business, job or immigration interviews, travel, schoolwork, Advanced Placement (AP) or SAT II language tests, accent reduction, dating, family, or simply to expand your own horizons. They achieve their language-based goals and dreams using the right and efficient learning method to improve their pronunciation, grammar, and sentence building. Our students learn how to easily speak the language by creating their own active list of vocabulary (words, native expressions, idioms, and much more), and improve their pronunciation using tips and tricks

For individuals and corporations, our students learn easily, quickly, and affordably while having Fun in-person (in small group or one-on- one) and online. Our personalized lessons are for all ages and levels (Beginner, High Beginner, Intermediate, High intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced, Professional). Students immersed in the language, and learn!
Our multilingual teachers are all native speakers, experienced, passionate about learning a language, and speak many languages.
Classes are taught in a practical approach. Students learn only vocabulary they use and build their own active vocabulary list they use by speaking in class having dialogues on real-life situations. We teach tips and tricks to conjugate, pronounce, and write paragraphs. Most of all, students express their own thoughts, opinions, ideas, feelings, and emotions.