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Our school can meet your language needs, whether that be business, immigration interviews, travel, schoolwork, Advanced Placement (AP) or SAT II language tests, accent reduction, dating, family, or simply to expand your own horizons. You will learn how to easily speak the language by creating your own ACTIVE list of vocabulary (words, native expressions, idioms, and much more), and practice using tips and tricks for easy pronunciation. With us you can ask any question about the language. Check out what our students and team have to say about learning at JILA!


“I have been taking Japanese lessons with Fuwa Sensei for a couple of months now and I can say that even when compared with my university professors, he's one of the best teachers I've had. His grasp of both English and Japanese grammar allows him to explain some of the more difficult linguistic differences between Japanese and English. Plus, he's very flexible with our lessons. One week we may focus on reading comprehension, the next on grammar and another on a JLPT study guide. All this to say, I am highly satisfied with my experience!.”

- Joshua Silic



“Aliyona, my instructor for Russian language is awesome!!!!Exceeded every expectation; great hours, teacher, flexibility, and location. My daughter is tackling Russian and gives the program a wholehearted endorsement. I only wish we had started sooner. My advice? Pick up the phone and start learning a new language today!”

- Robert Pinderski


“Jacques is a very nice guy and he’s been such a pleasure to have as an instructor and as a friend. The International Language Academy has given me fun opportunities to review my conversational Hebrew and to meet new people.”

- Michael Roth


“Jacques is the kind of teacher I had always hoped to have. His approach is considerate, engaging and intuitive… I now feel comfortable having conversations, making stories and learning new things every time I have lessons. Encouragement I get from Jacques keeps me going even when I feel stuck. I am grateful for his teaching and his friendship. Je vous recommande fortement de prendre ses leçons!!”

-Mako Fuwa


“I have had 5 Spanish lessons so far at Jacques International Language Academy. Yemilee is my teacher she is patient and professional. She uses different methods to teach Spanish. Yemilee kindly encourages me to study and speak Spanish daily. My Spanish vocabulary has greatly increased and when I listen to Spanish radio I can understand more and more each day.”

- Cas L


“Ali is a very patient instructor. He is extremely hospitable and generous, and has a great sense of humor that makes learning more enjoyable. He has helped as we struggle as absolute beginners to Arabic and has also shared with us about the Middle East.”

- Chris Herning

Our Team

Read the feedback JILA receives from teachers, volunteers, and interns!


This place is amazing with all the languages they offer everyone here acts as if they are family very helpful and loving i definitively suggest this place to anyone who wants to learn new languages and meet new people!!”

Augusto Rufasto

“Jacques dedicates an extraordinary amount of energy and his excellent skills as a linguist to offer to our community the possibility of learning and mastering a wide set of foreign languages, which he does via organized language classes and conversation meetups. Jacques has been doing this for a very long time. I have participated in many of these events and, just like all other guests, feel happy and grateful that these events exist. Please come and live this one-in-a-million foreign languages experience by yourself. You'll be really happy you did!